The Crisis in Europe is Scary

The Green New Deal has Europeans in a lot of trouble and thing are about to get worse as winter approaches fast. The radical Green energy policies put forth by the European government has lead to fuel and food shortages throughout the country. While the rising prices have been exacerbated by skyrocketing oil prices, it appears that this is not the only cause. A significant portion of Europe's population lives in government owned housing blocks, or "social" housing, and as such many of these individuals are receiving little or no aid from the government with regard to their heating or food needs

It is important to understand that European nations, as well as other countries, encounter social and cultural impact issues. The pressure of globalization, multiculturalism, and the technological advancements are among the major problems that Europe is facing currently. As one of the major regions in the world, Europe is likely to experience an internal or external pressure that might have a negative effect on its economic and political stability.

There has been a huge pressure on various European nations as well as other countries to embrace diversity. This had to do with the cultural and social changes that are taking place because of globalization, and the radical New Green energy policies enforced by the government. Europe's open borders and the government implementing these radical policies are causing an influx of refugees. This country isn't and won't be able to handle the influx of immigrants and the European people feel betrayed by their own government.

At the International Climate Conference, American President Joe Biden called for a 30% reduction of greenhouse emissions. This is actually a more ambitious agenda than Europe, and we can all see what state that country is currently in. The proof is all around us. We need to understand that we have strayed from the path of sanity and thinking things through logically. If we don't stop these environmental activists then our country will follow that of Europe. This past year we have seen our economy decimated, food shortages and high unemployment as a direct result of climate change legislation. The time is now to form a reform movement before it's too late!

The act of 1874 that has changed America forever

The United States was an emerging nation with a fledgling economy in the early 1800s. The country had only recently won its independence from Britain, and it had yet to create any formal government structures or infrastructure. In this vacuum, Alexander Hamilton proposed an ambitious plan: he would create a central bank that could control the money supply and lend at interest. His idea didn't work out so well; instead, his competitors Thomas Jefferson and James Madison came up with the idea of creating a national bank that would be controlled by Congress rather than some private company like London's Bank of England (now known as Royal Bank of Scotland). These two men would go on to become founding fathers of America; they also remain important figures today as one of them served as Secretary of State under President George W Bush while the other co-authored The Federalist Papers with Alexander Hamilton back when both were members of US Congress from New York State).

The original US Constitution was very different to its current form with the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights was added at the time of ratification, and it didn't include any rights for women or African Americans. The constitution also did not include an amendment process until 1913 when Arizona became a state.

Alexander Hamilton wanted to copy the practices of the British Bank of England. He believed that if he could create a central bank and print money, he could end poverty and inequality in America. He also wanted to lend out people's money at interest rates so that they would have more cash on hand (this was known as "usury"). This would allow him to buy land cheaply because it was difficult for people without capital or land ownership to obtain credit from banks during this time period (it was common practice). He hoped that once enough wealth had been created by this method, there would be an increase in productivity which would lead straight back into making more stuff! Hamilton's idea did not work because it was not backed by gold. His opponents, on the other hand, were backed by gold and they succeeded in passing a bill that would have effected change in America forever.

The London Bank was a private bank that controlled the economy of the UK, and by extension its empire. It had a monopoly on money supply, stocks and bonds—and therefore could print as much money as it needed to lend out at interest. It created stock market bubbles that would eventually burst when they reached such heights they became unsustainable, leading to a collapse in prices which wiped out investors' savings (and perhaps even more). The London Bank was a private bank that controlled the economy of Britain, and it had no real competition. It could print money and lend it at interest, creating a stock market bubble like in the South Sea Company. It could also pop this bubble when it got too big, putting all opposition into bankruptcy.

The London Bank was a private bank that controlled the economy of the UK, and by extension its empire. It could print money and lend it at interest, creating an endless supply of money for itself and its shareholders. The Bank's monopoly on money creation gave it power over all other banks in England—and consequently over their businesses as well: if you wanted to buy something from another merchant, they would first have to get their hands on some cash from this source before they could do business with you. This situation naturally led to resentment among people who felt like they were being robbed by these wealthy aristocrats; but since this was unthinkable (at least publicly), there wasn't much anyone could do about it except grumble quietly about how unfair things were

The act of 1874 also changed the financial system in America by creating the first fully integrated stock market. The idea was to make it easier for people who weren't rich or even middle class to invest in stocks, and it worked well for a while until there was a bubble that showed up on Wall Street late in 1878. This bubble would eventually burst, but not before causing panic among investors who thought they could get rich quick by buying cheap stocks at inflated prices (which were really just overvalued). The act of 1874 was designed to create a bubble, and then pop it when it got too big. It could bankrupt anyone who didn't agree with it. It could bankrupt anyone who tried to oppose it or compete against it. The act of 1874 allowed banks to loan money to businesses, which they would then use as collateral for more loans from other banks (and so on). This created a massive amount of money circulating in the economy that wasn't being spent by consumers—so much so that prices increased dramatically!

The act of 1874 was a legislative change to the bankruptcy laws. Before this, a person could not be forced into bankruptcy if their assets were sufficient to pay off their debts. This meant that anyone who opposed this system would be forced into bankruptcy. Nowadays, you can file for Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy if you have too much debt and can't afford to pay it back in full; Chapter 7 means liquidating everything except your house or car; Chapter 13 means paying interest on your debts while they are being paid off over time (usually at least 10 years).

The Bank of England was able to control the economy, and by extension the empire, because it had total control over the money supply. It could print money and lend it at interest, creating an endless supply of money for itself and its shareholders. This meant that anyone who opposed this system would be forced into bankruptcy.

Why I do what I Do

America is the whole focus of my podcast. I love this country but and this saddens me to say this is not the same country I grew up in.  The United States has changed so much in the last 10 years and I don't mean for the better.  As I parent I fear for the future of my daughter and if she is blessed one day to have children my grandchildren as well as you children and grandchildren. 

So a couple years ago I made up my mind I was gong to start sharing and exposing the real news as much as I possible can.  I'm not going to rest until we get rid of the corrupt people who want to rule this country by fear and tyranny.  My passions have always been God first and then family then country but old glory is in bad shape right now it is gonna  take our men and women in this country and world to turn back to God who has the power to turn all of this around and I believe he will, and he will soon. 

We are all Americans

I love our country. It's the land of the free and the home of the brave. I'm proud to be an American, and I'm grateful for the opportunities our country has given me. I'm committed to doing my part to make our country even better. I hope you'll join me in celebrating our great country and pledging to always love and support it.

We are the future of the American story. We are the ones who will shape the country's future, and it is up to us to make sure that the American story is one that is worth telling. We are the next generation of leaders, and it is our time to step up and make a difference. We have the power to change the world, and we must use it wisely. We are the future, and the future is ours to shape. Let's make it a bright one. In the wake of the recent presidential election, it is more important than ever to come together and support each other. We are stronger together, and we will continue to fight for what we believe in.

God bless and God bless America